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Discovering new avenues
Kirsty is holding textbooks while smiling at the camera.

Meet Kirsty Kelly. Former CEO. Current Master of Business Administration student. 

Her decision to enrol into university was far from carefree. Forty-one at the time with a family and small-business, the thought of adding study to the mix seemed overwhelming. But with a feeling that she had more value to gain and more to learn that would benefit her career in the long run, she enrolled.

 ‘Applying the theory from my MBA to workplace scenarios has opened up new avenues of thinking for me, which I think will support my career growth’ 

After three stints at university, Kirsty is familiar with the time-strapped schedule that becomes a challenge in all aspects of life. Early planning and keeping momentum are just a few strategies she employs to manage time and stay on top of study.

‘Study is a bit like going to the gym. If you stop going, it’s hard to start going again’

The flexible nature of online study has been instrumental in Kirsty’s success thus far. Not only has it opened up opportunities for global networking, it has increased her self-motivation levels and capability to implement ‘change management’ into her workplace. 

Today, you’ll find Kirsty working with clients primarily in the not-for-profit sector, sharing a passion to solve the unique business challenges they face.