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An open mind and heart to share
A person squatting on a rocky outcrop with the grand canyon in the background.

The UniSQ Student Exchange Program has provided more than courses and travel to Kenny. It broadened his perspective of living the American way, which made Kenny feel more confident and proud of himself, just like Aristotle's famous quote, 'Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.'

With the background as an Australian of Hong Kong heritage and a Master of Science in Astrophysics student, the UniSQ Exchange Program offered Kenny the opportunity to be an active global citizen with an open mind and heart to share. He actively interacted with many local American friends and became a member of many student clubs after his big decision to step out of his comfort zone as his first time studying abroad.

'I am so happy to travel internationally again. America is a unique country and has leading research in astronomy with the NASA headquarters based in Washington, D.C. I also visited Cape Canaveral, it was astonishing!' Said, Kenny

This program was the perfect match for his academic and professional interests. Kenny received excellent support from UniSQ with a travel grant, plus the OS-HELP loan from the Australian government to join the exchange program at Montana State University fall semester of 2022.

'Don't be afraid and don't be shy! Show your courage. Get a fun study experience in your lifetime. Research your ideal program and host universities, even the host countries too to explore the opportunities.'

After five months in Montana, Kenny discovered more about himself while experiencing life in the USA. The first step leads to a thousand new journeys. Kenny's unforgettable experience will take him back to the USA again.

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Student Exchange Program
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