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Business makes sense at UniSQ 
A smiling woman in a striped shirt standing outdoors with trees in the background.

By getting involved in a variety of events, Pinyada has made the most of her business studies with UniSQ.

Pinyada arrived from Thailand to UniSQ Toowoomba to fulfil her dream of an overseas study experience to remember. 

'Australia is a culturally diverse nation. At any UniSQ campus, you are guaranteed to find people from many countries, continents, cultures and ethnic groups. I always remain open-minded to build new friendships.'

She describes the benefits of attending Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) to enhance what she is learning in class in small, friendly discussion environments. 

'PASS allows you to revise your lectures, study, and discuss what you have learnt with others. It’s friendly and supportive and it feels good to actively participate in learning with great people, in a fun way.' 

She speaks highly of the activities UniSQ arranges for students, such as market days and student trips, as a way to connect with new people, engage with the community and feel part of her home and surroundings. 

Pinyada also volunteered at the Toowoomba Languages and Cultural Festival. Pinyada is in her final year of her Bachelor of Business and Commerce.