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Overseas study builds confidence
Jessica is standing on the balcony of a brick building, overlooking a town, smiling at the camera.
Recalling her time in Germany, UniSQ Bachelor of Arts student Jessica reflects on the variety of people she met and the challenges she overcame that shape her today.

In her third year of study, Jessica left all she knew for a semester of study in Marburg, Germany.

'Studying in Germany was a semester to remember and the program remains the biggest highlight of my overseas experience.'

'I met so many different people, all with a collective passion for travel and adventure. The friends I made are ones that I will always appreciate and keep in my life.'

Jessica found that she was the only Australian in the program and at times felt this was a challenge. This encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone and mix with people from all over the world.

'The first six weeks of my program involved intense language and culture courses, which gave me the confidence to live in Germany without feeling like an outsider.'

'I feel extremely privileged to attend a university that offers study abroad programs with options for scholarships and loans. Every day in Germany was filled with fun and new experiences, and I was constantly surprised at how well I got along with everyone.'