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Exploring Japan for her art
Tokyo skyline at dusk with tokyo tower in the foreground and mount fuji in the background.

Thanks to the New Colombo Plan grant, Gwen Walker was awarded the opportunity to experience a cultural trip to Japan as part of her Bachelor of Creative Arts degree.

During the trip, she experienced traditional and modern Japanese culture in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. This international opportunity greatly influenced Gwen's research for her Honours degree where she researched ‘Aesthetic Wandering and The Nearly Never Nearby’ and allowed her to produce a body of work about wandering. It also resulted in the publication of the first issue of Walker's zine, Ryoko, a zine about wandering and travel.

'After this experience, I plan to return to Japan for a future photographic art project documenting the everyday life of Hokkaido in the Winter.'

Gwen has completed her Honours degree at UniSQ and was awarded the University medal upon graduation. Gwen continues her passion of art and is a PhD candidate continuing her search on the act of wandering as artwork with UniSQ.