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Aspiring to make a global impact
Jarra is sitting in a lab, working with a microscope, smiling at a computer screen.

Jarra Grigg has always had a fascination for science and understanding what’s going on beneath the surface. Studying a Bachelor of Science allowed him to explore his interests, choosing to focus on Biomedical Science part way through his degree.

‘I received a research scholarship assisting a scientist which provided a good insight into what research is like on a daily basis.’

After finishing his undergraduate degree at UniSQ, Jarra has gone on to study medicine. He aims to make a difference to people lives whether that be through research or practicing as a doctor.  

‘I want to contribute to the wellbeing of others as individuals and to the wealth of human knowledge overall. Through research I am eager to find something that has a global impact, whether that’s a new drug, a new vaccine or a new way of providing medical supplies to remote locations. My aim is to help humans suffer less.’