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Discovering new interests and finding comradery with postgraduate study.
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It was during his undergraduate study that Ben discovered his interest in research, a process which he finds both rewarding and fascinating.

“Formulating a hypothesis then designing an experiment to test that prediction, which may reinforce previously established knowledge or discover something entirely new is a very satisfying process.” 

Following this realisation, the next logical step for Ben was postgraduate study – he investigated his options and decided UniSQ was the place for him.

“I was excited to come to UniSQ because of the University’s commitment to research and the way they foster an environment for research to flourish in.”

Since enrolling, Ben’s UniSQ experience has been filled with positives.

“UniSQ has created a welcoming and relaxed learning environment and supports students to be the best version of themselves.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting people that are on a similar research journey to me, doing their PhD or masters, and learning about the topic that they are passionate about.”

For Ben, an exciting future in research awaits.

“Completing my study at UniSQ will allow me to produce high quality research whilst making connections and friendships with other academics – ultimately giving me the skills needed for my career in academia.”