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How a UniSQ law degree changed his life
UniSQ Alumni, Albert, with his partner travelling the Middle East

‘The best thing about studying the UniSQ Juris Doctor program? It changed my life….’

Albert is a UniSQ Juris Doctor alumni who is loving every minute of where his degree has taken him. His career evolved from a Design Engineer to an Engineer Manager, then Project Manager and finally a Business and Project Development Manager for the most significant infrastructure and mining projects. In these positions, he drafted commercial front-end contracts, which involved assumption and transfer of risks and commercials disputes that required legal knowledge.

It was never his intention to become a lawyer: “I was successful winning and managing large projects and thought the law wasn’t for me”. Looking back, he is very grateful for what his degree gave him. He says, ‘the outcome of my UniSQ studies exceeded even my own expectations; I had no idea the JD would change my life the way it did.’

He started studying the UniSQ Juris Doctor in his late 40s. ‘I was assisted by many UniSQ lecturers who were patient while I adjusted my thinking and writing to that of a lawyer in the early days,’ says Albert. ‘Talking and learning from the UniSQ lecturers was one of the things I enjoyed the most about my studies.’

What happened next is quite remarkable. After graduating and admission to the Supreme Court in Queensland, he was invited to work in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, where he spent three years working with a New York lawyer and White and Case partner. ‘The General Counsel asked me to work from his own office so we can discuss every minute aspect of the disputes as a team. I not only received the legal training of his lifetime of experiences but made a dear friend. I also got to visit the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, and saw many places I never thought I would see while I was running arbitration proceedings in Dubai as Co-Counsel.’

I look back at my incredible times in the Middle East, which would not have happened if it wasn't for my UniSQ studies. I’ve been back in Australia since 2020, and I am now a QBCC Registered Adjudicator and run my law firm, Construction Lawyers Brisbane, where I assist several contractors combining my construction and legal experience.

He is a proud UniSQ alumni who feels grateful for the encouragement, assistance and understanding the lecturers gave him during his early days of study and the patience, knowledge transfer and recognition in the later stages.

‘I love the fact that I can run my own business, something I could not have done as an engineer. I can now look forward to being busy and comfortable in retirement, something I could not have done if it wasn’t for my UniSQ law degree. Thank you, UniSQ!’