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Biomedical Sciences degrees


A biomedical science degree at UniSQ will allow you to study a multifaceted field that focuses on human anatomy and physiology and several other essential sciences to grow your skillset. You’ll have access to industry-leading learning facilities and equipment to compliment your passion for biomedical science.

Biomedical sciences help us understand the body and biomedical sciences research investigates how diseases occur to develop better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases that cause illness and death. UniSQ has outstanding biomedical science researchers with international reputations in key fields, such as cancer research, infection control, functional foods, and vaccine development.

Explore UniSQ's Biomedical Sciences degrees

Jarra is sitting in a lab, working with a microscope, smiling at a computer screen.


Jarra has always had a fascination for science and understanding what’s going on beneath the surface. Studying a Bachelor of Science allowed him to explore his interests, choosing to focus on Biomedical Science part way through his degree.
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What can I do with a biomedical science degree?

Developing a comprehensive understanding of the human body will allow you to grasp several core science concepts spanning from physiology, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, genetics, cell and molecular biology, nutrition and biochemistry. Fostering this skill set will allow you to enter many fields as a biomedical scientist, from universities to research institutions - in both the private and public sectors.

You can also move on to further postgraduate research — including dentistry and veterinary science — or even undertake the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT).

A biomedical science degree is the perfect stepping stone to a rewarding and multifaceted career. At UniSQ, we are dedicated to giving you the opportunity to take your newly acquired knowledge and skills to the next level in a specialisation that you’re passionate about.

Whether you’re looking to study biomedical science online, on-campus, or a combination of the two, you’ll be able to enter the field of medical research in both private and public sectors, including;

  • Universities
  • Research institutes
  • Pharmaceutical and diagnostic laboratories
  • Sales and consulting

There’s no better place to study biomedical science online or on-campus than UniSQ! 

What are the pathways to studying biomedical science?
At UniSQ, we understand that each student has a different path to university study. Our inclusive and supportive pathway programs make it possible for you to find the entry path into a biomedical science degree. Whether you’ve just completed high school, taken a break from study, have a VET, TAFE or other qualification, you can find an appropriate pathway into your chosen degree at UniSQ.
Can I study biomedical science online?
Yes! We understand that balancing your work, family and study commitments is important. That’s why our students can not only study biomedical science online but also create a tailored study plan. Our courses will allow you to create a bespoke, flexible learning program at UniSQ. Discover more about the ways you can study.
Why study biomedical science with UniSQ?
UniSQ is proud to provide a learning environment that focuses on fostering a supporting, diverse and flexible way of study. Whether you’re looking to study biomedical science online or on campus, you’ll find what you need at UniSQ. You’ll be able to learn both fundamental and advanced principles of biomedical sciences with cutting-edge equipment in an industry-leading learning facility, ensuring that your passions are nurtured while working towards your future career goals.

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