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Healthcare leadership and management encompasses the ability to guide and influence others in the healthcare field towards achieving common goals and effectively managing healthcare organisations or teams. At UniSQ, we offer specialised health management courses for professionals in nursing, paramedicine, and allied health who aspire to enhance their leadership skills within the industry. Through these programs, you can develop the expertise and credibility to navigate intricate healthcare systems, contribute to policy development, and create a positive impact on the industry by improving patient outcomes and leading multidisciplinary teams.

Explore UniSQ's Health Leadership degrees

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Regional cancer survival

Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in Australia … and patients living in regional and rural areas experience poorer health outcomes than their city counterparts. UniSQ researchers are working on several joint initiatives with partners including Cancer Council Queensland and Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia to improve cancer survivorship and quality of life for regional Queenslanders.
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What is the difference between a health leadership degree and a health services management degree?

At UniSQ Health Leadership is a specialisation within our suite of Nursing and Allied Health degrees. Health Leadership primarily focuses on developing leadership skills and abilities within the healthcare industry, preparing individuals for leadership positions, shaping healthcare policies, and leading multidisciplinary teams.

A health services management degree concentrates more on the operational and administrative aspects of managing healthcare organisations, including healthcare finance, policy and regulations, quality improvement, and healthcare operations management.

Are there opportunities for networking and collaboration during a healthcare leadership degree?
At UniSQ we are committed to nurturing practical skills, fostering industry connections, and promoting professional development, empowering our students to make a positive impact. You will have the chance to connect with industry professionals, fellow students, fostering valuable relationships within the healthcare field.
What are the entry requirements?

UniSQ’s postgraduate Health Leadership degrees require you to have a relevant bachelor degree. For entry into some healthcare leadership degrees you may also need to hold current relevant professional registration.

UniSQ's health management courses offer a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to excel in leadership roles within the healthcare industry.  

Please view the the specific entry requirements of the degree you are interested in to determine the prerequisites or prior experience needed.

What are the career opportunities for graduates with Health Leadership degrees?

Our healthcare management courses can lead to a range of career options in a variety of roles and settings, including:

  • Healthcare administration
  • Healthcare project managers
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Consulting
  • Education and training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public health leadership
  • Healthcare executive positions
  • Healthcare informatics
  • Non-profit healthcare organisations. 
Are flexible study options available?

UniSQ understands the need for flexibility to balance your education with other commitments. We provide a range of study options, including on-campus, external, and online which gives you the option to learn your subject theory where and when it suits you. As an external student, you’ll experience the same level of support and opportunity to connect with others. You can also adjust the enrolment of your health management courses to meet your needs. Take one subject at a time, or study extra subjects when life allows it.

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