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What does a Physicist do?

Ever wonder, what is a Physicist? To say a Physicist’s work is broad would be an understatement, they study the universe and everything in it! From the very small (quantum physics) to the very large (cosmology) – a Physicist explores matter, space, energy, and principles to better understand the laws that govern the behaviour of the universe. During you career in physics you could specialise in different types of physics including biological, chemical, computational, condensed matter, materials or nuclear.

Physicists work in a variety of settings, ranging from private research facilities, colleges and universities, government agencies, to hospitals.

Is a career as a Physicist right for me?

If you consider yourself highly observant, well-organised, and have a strong interest in science, a career in physics may be a good fit for you! Other skills and attributes beneficial for a role as a Physicist include:  

  • strong research skills  
  • a highly analytical and inquisitive mind 
  • good attention to detail  
  • an aptitude for mathematics and computing 
  • the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. 

How to become a Physicist

Every journey to study is individual and there are several paths to reaching your career in physics. At UniSQ, we offer the following degrees in the area of physics and physical science: 
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