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Accepting your offer

Congratulations on receiving your offer to study at UniSQ.

Depending on how you applied to study at UniSQ, you may receive the following:

Offer to study at UniSQ from QTAC

QTAC will send you an email if you have received an offer. To respond to your offer log in to QTAC application portal. You need to respond by the date and time on your offer email.

Refer to QTAC key dates for when offers will be made.

Direct offer from UniSQ

After you’ve submitted your application you will be emailed a reference number. You will be notified via email the outcome of your application within 10 business days.

Follow the links in your email from UniSQ or log in to the application portal to accept your offer.

Accepting your offer as an international student

The process to accepting your offer as an international student is slightly different. Discover how to accept your offer to study at UniSQ.

What if I didn’t get an offer?

If you didn’t receive an offer from QTAC or UniSQ it could be because you didn't meet the entry requirements, you didn't pay your QTAC application fee or you applied after the due date. Don’t worry, you still have plenty of options available!

If your ATAR didn’t meet the cut-off to get you into your desired program, you can change your preference. This allows you to choose another course that will get you into UniSQ, and then upgrade to your preferred course later on.

UniSQ offers a number of alternative entry options which act as a pathway into university. These programs allow you to apply directly for entry into selected UniSQ degrees upon successful completion.

If for some reason you want to change your initial response contact us and we’ll arrange for it to be updated . If you do change be mindful of the impact the timing might have on the start of semester. After the last day to add courses has passed you may not be able to study until the next semester your courses are available.

Once you’ve accepted you’re offer, via QTAC or UniSQ, we will email you with information on how to get set up at UniSQ and to enrol you in your courses. (subjects) for your degree. 

If you're studying one of our pathway programs, through cross-institutional study, our Head Start program, or a professional development course, we will enrol you in your courses.

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Personalised support

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Tailored support
Have a question but not sure who to talk to? UniSQ’s support services are in one place with iconnect. Reach out to our iconnect support staff to help you solve issues or point you in the right direction.

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