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Acknowledging National Sorry Day

A man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and dark jacket stands outdoors, smiling, with trees and foliage in the background.
Words by Elder-in-Residence Uncle Wayne Fossey.

National Sorry Day is a day that many of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders stop and reflect on where we were in the world on that day.

As Australians, we all need to recognise and learn from our challenging past.

The words of then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd ring in our consciousness to remind us of the trauma, pain and challenging experiences of our Stolen Generations.

Forced removals from family and extended community has massive impacts on the past and daily lives of our mobs.

National Sorry Day leads into National Reconciliation Week, which begins on Monday 27 May and has gained new strength since the events of 2023.

Now More Than Ever is the very appropriate theme for 2024. It is time to recognise our shared histories within the focus of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders' rights and justice.

It is time to learn and acknowledge our histories and our experiences to create a meaningful path to reconciliation and healing.