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  • Inauguration Dinner: Celebrating the achievements of our UniSQ Residential Colleges

Inauguration Dinner: Celebrating the achievements of our UniSQ Residential Colleges

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24 Mar 2023
Students receiving awards.
(From left) Mr Peter Munster, Max Corfield, Georgia Turner, Bradley Lawrence and Chancellor Mr John Dornbusch.

The heartbeat of the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), our students, was celebrated at our Residential Colleges annual Inauguration Dinner last night (March 23).

The special occasion provided an opportunity to welcome new students living on campus and acknowledge the colleges’ top academic achievers.

University of Southern Queensland Director for Student Accommodation Peter Munster said it was a special evening to highlight the academic and personal achievements of students.

“We’re so proud of our students and this was a chance to recognise their dedication to their studies and the community, with this year marking a particular poignant celebration,” Mr Munster said.

For first time in history, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) students Georgia Turner, Max Corfield, and Bradley Lawrence, tied for the coveted Chancellor’s Prize.

Georgia Turner said she was inspired by the success of others at her first Inauguration Dinner last year and knew she had chosen the right path.

“I have been fully supported undertaking engineering as a female,” Georgia said.

“I have been introduced to many different career opportunities, including a first-year internship program with BHP and the empowering STEAM Ahead Program,” she said.

Through her role as a Residential College PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Leader, Georgia has also been able to help other students along their education journey.

“I get to help new students coming to college by setting them up with a mentor who can provide them with guidance and make their transition to university as smooth as possible,” Georgia said.

“I find college is a great way to balance my life as I can spend my days working and studying, whilst in my breaks I get to enjoy all of the colleges’ social events.”

The UniSQ Residential Colleges is home to more than 400 students, with more information about the on campus accommodation available.