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NewsFeed: 1 – 5 August

Did someone say news?


Two mentions in our NewsFeed in as many weeks…

  • Must be a good (nursing) story. If you know, you know… but if you have no idea what we are on about, head to The Chronicle to refresh your memory. Grab some tissues on your way.

Is it fact? Fiction? Or something in between?

  • Our researchers have been exploring ways to empower young people to make sense of what they see on social media. Read the story via The Sector (and just FYI, this one is absolutely fact).


Drone-flying farmers ready for take-off.

The plot thickens.

  • On how important soil is… for everything! Dr Adam Frew explained across ABC News airwaves.


Cha-ching! Here’s a reason (or 29,000!) to study with us.

Our Academic Excellence Scholarships are back for school leavers. Did someone say… *automatic* cash? Yes, yes we did.

A $10 iceberg lettuce? Absolutely not.

  • Dr Aletha Ward was featured on ABC News talking about the current cost of living pressures (and how it is leading to food insecurity).


What is an Acknowledgement of Country and how is it different to a Welcome to Country?

And now to space.

  • Turns out the suspected Mars water really is... water!? And to (ice) cap it off, Dr Graziella Caprarelli's thoughts were featured in Space Australia .
  • Just how unlucky do you have to be to get hit by space junk? Dr Fabian Zander answered via The Conversation (and the answer might surprise you...).


Cracking the (concrete) code.

  • Surveying graduate Vaughn Golding’s research was featured in Building Construction. Who knew concrete and artificial intelligence had so much in common?

Next week

We will be all about our #unisqgrads next week – stay tuned!

This week's news from the University of Southern Queensland!