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In pursuit of excellence

Up to $29k cash boost for school leavers to stay in the region

Studying at the University of Southern Queensland was the natural choice for Alexandra O’Brien.

Born, raised and schooled in Ipswich, the former Ipswich State High School student was determined to stay close to her loved ones after high school.

Also helping in her decision was the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship she received for her outstanding performance at school and putting the University of Southern Queensland first on her QTAC application.

The third-year Education student said the scholarship had made an enormous difference throughout her university years.

“This scholarship has made a huge impact on not only my study but my life,” Alexandra said.

“With this scholarship, I could afford all the necessities needed to succeed at university.

“It also provided me with multiple networking opportunities and allowed me to get a job within the University.”

On the day QTAC applications open, the University of Southern Queensland has launched its range of Academic Excellence Scholarships, focused on high-achieving students.

Scholarships up to the value of $29,000 are automatically available for high-achieving Year 12 students who put the University of Southern Queensland first on their QTAC application.

University of Southern Queensland Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Karen Nelson said these scholarships provide financial security allowing students to focus on their studies.

High school leavers who achieve an ATAR 97 or above and put the University of Southern Queensland first on QTAC will automatically receive a Chancellor’s Scholarship valued at up to $29,000, including an optional study abroad package.

Students with an ATAR 88 or above will be awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship valued at up to $20,000.

And students with an ATAR 84 or above will be awarded an Academic Excellence Scholarship of up to $6,400.

Professor Nelson said the Academic Excellence Scholarships were a decisive move to keep students in the region and attract students from metro areas to study at the University of Southern Queensland.

“We want to ensure our best and brightest are staying in the region and that we are attracting school leavers to study with the University of Southern Queensland,” Professor Nelson said.

“We want to build strong rural and regional communities, and we know that providing outstanding educational opportunities and careers right here in the regional Queensland is the best way of doing just that.”

The University of Southern Queensland is a Trailblazer university known for its research excellence with its own national hub in space manufacturing and involvement in two others in the areas of clean energy and food technology research.

“It’s this pursuit of excellence that drives our University, and these scholarships are another example of this,” Professor Nelson said.

The suite of scholarships applies to high-achieving students who list the University of Southern Queensland as their number-one choice for QTAC (or any other university admission centre).

The scholarships are available to school leavers at any University of Southern Queensland campus.

The Academic Excellence Scholarships are part of a suite of scholarships available at the University. Find out more.

Woman sitting on bench.
Alexandra O’Brien was a recipient of a Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship in 2020.