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NewsFeed: 15 – 19 August

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19 Aug 2022
This week in the news!


Did someone say… MEDIA. HIT. MONDAY.

  • An ABC Landline story on food waste featured the expertise of Professor Bernadette McCabe. Check it out – it’s definitely not a *waste* of time.

The next big thing in bush food business?

  • Football-sized bunya nuts! Professor Odette Best explained in an ABC Online article.


To infinity and beyond.

Speaking of space…

  • Did you know we’ve seen the last Supermoon of 2022? Sad, we know. PhD Candidate Nataliea Lowson explained why during ABC Brisbane’s stargazing segment.

Not done yet, sorry.

  • Some more news from space. This time, Professor Jonti Horner spoke to The Age about who owns the Moon (and what’s up there).


Who’s as sharp as cut glass?


Not one. Not two. But (possibly) three.

  • Honorary Professor Roger Stone was featured on 7News Australia about the likelihood of a third La Nina climate pattern following the Bureau of Meteorology alert.

A case of a wonderful story.

  • Learn all about law graduates Anne Bemi and Errol Way. Grab the tissues – it’s a good one.


They’re soaring, flying…

  • There’s not a star in our Boeing 737 Simulator Aviation students Matthew and Cassie can’t reach.

Past experiences to improve future safety.

  • Our researchers are asking for personal stories to ensure community support in weather crises.

One small step…

Next week

Open Day and Graduations. The biggest (social) week in history – stay tuned for all the content.