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  • Applied research for an innovative and thriving regional Australia

Applied research for an innovative and thriving regional Australia

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Regional Australia’s greatest asset is its people and for there to be continuing opportunity it is essential that regional communities have the infrastructure, skills and capacity to adapt to change and compete in the global economic marketplace.

University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) research is meeting this challenge by helping regional communities to be more resilient and adaptive.

Regional resilience is the capacity of regional communities to deal with impacts, risks and change, and adapt positively, exploiting new opportunities but also retaining the important parts of their heritage.

UniSQ’s Institute for Resilient Regions has multi-disciplinary research groups in social sciences, humanities, business, law, economics and community development working in partnership with government, industry, business, communities and other research organisations.

Our Research

Our research is helping communities to innovate, successfully navigate change, exploit new skills, technology and infrastructure and strengthen community health and well-being.

We are achieving these impacts by:

  • advising policy makers;
  • creating new knowledge and technologies;
  • developing innovation pathways for business and communities;
  • strengthening human and social capital in regional communities and
  • enabling community adaptation and resilience.

Our vision is for a regional Australia that is innovative and thriving, a great place to work and live.

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