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NewsFeed: 11 – 14 April

This week's news from the University of Southern Queensland.

And more worldwide news to report from the University of Southern Queensland.


Defence spending and regional development.

  • Professor John Cole wrote about both in a column for Queensland Country Life and Farm Online National. An insightful read to start the week.

At the table for… hypersonic flight?

  • More media coverage highlighting our space manufacturing and hypersonics in Cosmos Magazine. Rocket there to read it.


The vibe = strong.

  • Dr Daryl Sparkes turned into Mr. Worldwide thanks to his ‘Love letter to The Castle on its 25th anniversary’ in The Conversation. In just one week, the article was seen 223,837 times and shared to Facebook 8,042 times. It was also read 21,422 times. We can only imagine what the next week will bring. We can only hope it goes straight to the pool room.

Women and Wine.

  • The name of PhD student Erika Sorby’s new exhibition opening soon at Blackstone Gallery in Newcastle. Read all about her use of self-portraiture as an art medium via Twitter.


Turning our attention to Earth 2.0.

  • Dr Chelsea Huang provided expert comment for an article in Indian Nation on China’s next space mission.

A perfect pairing.

  • Wine Science student Dawn Walker was featured in The Chronicle. A great story with an even greater headline… Winemaker pours into vintage course.


Spotlight On…

  • In the first instalment of a new series across our social media channels, Dr Jess Carniel spoke about the construction of Princess Meghan (and whether it reinforces or challenges the royal brand). Worth a read (oh, and stay tuned for the next instalment of Spotlight On – we’ve got some very exciting things in the pipeline!).

Money, money, money.

  • Associate Professor Peter Phillips was featured in MSN (you guessed it, Money) talking about shrinkflation striking and wages remaining stagnant. But does this mean we’re really paying more for less?

It’s back… the ick.

  • More coverage for Dr Raquel Peel’s The Conversation piece on ‘The Ick’ – this time in The Brisbane Times. Once a harmless dating term, has it turned nasty?