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NewsFeed: 18 – 22 April

And again, blinked and we’re back!

Sit back and enjoy. It’s news time.


Some giant stars have been found.

  • And they’ve undergone dramatic weight loss. But is a greedy companion to blame? Dr Simon Murphy was featured in Nature and has the answers. The drama.


The sky is… far from the limit for future pilots.

  • Aviation lecturer Natasha Heap told us why via an article in MSN Australia. Buckle up!

Talk about hitting the right notes.

  • Dr Melissa Forbes (our resident researcher of the tunes!) detailed the five unexpected benefits of singing via The Conversation and spoke about how to lift your voice through flow state across the ABC Sydney airwaves.


Drought planning and it’s importance… now, more than ever.

  • Professor John McVeigh gave an update on the Regional Drought Resilience Planning program – a key initiative under the Australian Government’s $5 billion Future Drought Fund.

If it’s flooded… forget it.

  • The campaign everyone’s seen – but is it actually working? Dr Barbara Ryan said there’s a very specific group of people who just aren’t listening. Find out why via ABC News.

New day, new School (of Agriculture and Environmental Science).

  • And of course, we featured it… everywhere. Check out the socials first, and then read more about how the research-focused school is poised to deliver big results for students.


If you hadn’t heard, we’re the pick of the bunch. And wine wouldn't we be?

  • A feature on Wine Science student Michael Arndt was posted across our social media channels. It’s hard not to love this one… he’s a connoisseur of medium bodied reds, strongly believes there’s a certain magic to the wine-making process and, to top it off, is set for a corker career.


Ending the week with some earthy tones.

Sit back and's news time!