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NewsFeed: 4 – 8 April

The week that was in the media at the University of Southern Queensland.

It’s never ending at the University of Southern Queensland (and we love it!).


Rocketed into the mediasphere (again).

  • Following last week’s announcement of funding to build an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, CompositesWorld jumped on the bandwagon with an article about the hyper(sonics)cool research.

We’re being noticed.

  • Well, Dr Graziella Caprarelli is! Her inspirational contribution to the Australian space sector was referenced in a Space Australia article. Stars in our eyes.


Meet #AeroTami.

  • Dr Tamara Sopek recently joined our hypersonics research team and was (of course) profiled in a beautiful video posted across our social media channels. Her high-speed career has certainly rocketed into top gear.


A case of… stargazing?

  • PhD student Nataliea Lowson was heard across ABC News airwaves, shocking audiences everywhere that Saturn is in the process of losing its rings (albeit not for 300 million years… phew!).

We like to move it, move it.

  • To mark World Day for Physical Activity, we profiled a number of our researchers and their moving research. Videos, photos, stories… we had it covered.

Our 30 under 30 stars.

  • A number of our students and alumni were listed in The Chronicles ‘Toowoomba’s most influential and inspiring young people’ list. We’re just a bit #usqproud.


A way to reduce the petrol bill?

  • Dr Ray Malpress discussed hypermiling and how it has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by around 10% via ABC News.

We’ve found something.

  • A newsletter of years gone by, titled The Collegiate. Written by students at Residential Colleges between 1980 and 1992. We’re on a quest to piece together the puzzle of the missing issues.


Top drop.

  • Soon-to-be qualified winemaker and viticulturist Dawn Walker was featured across our social media channels talking about why our Bachelor of Wine Science was the right pick (or pairing, if you will!) for her.

Building jobs of the future in space and beyond.

  • An article written by Professor John Bell made its way into this morning’s edition of The Australian. Our research is on track to deliver sovereign capability… and we’re happy about it.