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Student Representative Committee

Using the student voice to advocate for a better student experience.

Who Are We? 

The Student Representative Committee (SRC) represents the feedback on policies and services collected from each school via School-based Student Societies in order to improve your overall academic experience. We believe in working closely with UniSQ staff to ensure that all student voices are heard and that all students have a positive learning journey. 

What We Do? 

We act as your point of contact for the school community, encouraging communication between the school, university, and students. We collaborate with staff to enhance your learning journey, develop and implement solutions, and plan for the future. We also foster a sense of belonging and well-being by organising student-led activities. 

How Can You Get Involved? 

Do you want to be a part of the action? It’s easy to get involved. Whether you're interested in events, ideas, or behind-the-scenes work, there's a place for you. Reach out to the Students as Partners team at today and let's make your UniSQ experience unforgettable!


Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a statement of up to 250 words outlining why you would like to be a Student Representative at UniSQ using Access. (TIP: consider including some of your past experiences, interests, or what being a student representative means to you). 

Please note your statement may be viewed by the relevant committee and on the UniSQ electronic election system so students can make an informed decision when casting their vote. 

Being a Student Representative offers several benefits, including the opportunity to enhance your career prospects by developing important graduate skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. It also enables you to make new connections with professional and academic staff members at the university.

We provide exclusive opportunities to recognise your volunteer work, including:

To be eligible as a Student Representative, it is essential that you are currently in good academic standing and have not breached any University of Southern Queensland policies and procedures within the past two years. 

As a Student Representative, you have the flexibility to contribute to the role while you study. The amount of time you'll need to dedicate to the UniSQ Academic Student Representative differs per role, but it falls between 10 to 20 hours per semester.

Typical time commitments to keep in mind are:

  • Minimum meeting attendance will vary depending on the Committee Terms of Reference (ToR)
  • Members are appointed or elected for a 12-month term.

Please contact for a copy of the committee's Terms of Reference (ToR) to learn more about the time commitment required for each role.

Student Senate

Student Senate is UniSQ's highest student governed body, participating in university decision-making around learning and teaching, campus facilities, and other important student matters in the form of opinions, concerns, or recommendations, and they present these matters to the Dean (Students).

Student Representative Committee (SRC)

The Student Representative Committee (SRC) collaborates with academic and professional staff to enhance learning and teaching by using feedback from their School-based Student Societies (SbSS). Any unresolved or incomplete issues, ideas, or initiatives are escalated to the UniSQ Student Senate, where appropriate action is taken to address them.

School-based Student Societies (SbSS)

School-based Student Societies (SbSS) serve as a sense of community by connecting you with others who share your interests and academic goals. To enhance learning and teaching, the SbSS may be asked to submit feedback to the SRC.

Academic Student Representative (ASR)

An Academic Student Representative (ASR) is appointed or elected to a specific Academic or Governance University Committee to make valuable contributions to the development of academic policies, provide important feedback on academic services, and collaborate on the design and review of courses. Academic Student Representatives also partner with staff on the continuous improvement of the learning environment, pedagogy and the student experience. 

We're here to help if you have any questions, recommendations, or concerns you'd like us to address.  We value your participation in shaping our university community. Let’s work together to make a positive impact.

To contact us, please send an email to

Submit your statement

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