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Sydney Alumni Chapter

The UniSQ Sydney Alumni Chapter promotes networking and facilitates professional development opportunities for UniSQ Alumni living and working in Sydney.  

Committee representatives


Mr Rosan Dhaurali
UniSQ degree: Master of Professional Accounting, 2017
Occupation: Trainer and Assessor, Australasian International
Academy; and Professional Year Trainer, ATMC, Sydney


Mr Hamid Zahoor
UniSQ degree: Bachelor of Information Technology, 2015


Mr Caio Basilio 
UniSQ degrees: Bachelor of Information Technology, 2012; and
Graduate Diploma of Business, 2012
Occupation: Lecturer at USQ Sydney/ Web Development Consultant




Social Media Manager & Event/Program Manager
Mr Gurpreet Dhaliwal
UniSQ degree: Graduate Diploma of Information Technology, 2002
Senior Advisor (former Chapter Chair, 2013-2017)
Mr Satya Shrestha
UniSQ degree: Master of Information Technology (Prof), 2007
Occupation: Senior Solution Architect, Cloudten Industries

Connect with us

Email: Mr Caio Basilio