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Acute and Critical Care Outcomes and Patient Safety


Critical and acute care nursing plays a pivotal role in ensuring patients’ safety. Reducing errors and adverse events depends on accurate and timely evaluation of patients and intervention. This includes assessing the patient’s risk of both preventable and nonpreventable complications developing. The process of evaluating the patient and assessing risk is often challenging because of the nature of an acutely or critically ill patient’s illness and condition, combined with the hectic hospital environment.

Our aim

We aim to:

  • undertake nurse-led research projects that focus on acute and critical care as well as on patient safety
  • support our industry partners in nurse-led projects on improving clinical practice and patient safety
  • identify and mentor potential HDR students interested in research that aligns with this theme.

Our researchers

Areas of inquiry

Acute and critical care outcomes, patient safety, simulation-based learning, and digital health literacy.

Core research programs

  • Acute and critical care inquiry
  • Digital health literacy
  • Simulation
  • Assessment planning and evaluation of care