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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health


Research is essential to health care and delivery to inform innovation and change at the practice level, the health services and systems level, and the health policy level. In Australia, the landscape of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research has changed significantly, alongside a developing understanding of how to appropriately conduct research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Furthermore, there is an increasing number of Indigenous peoples undertaking research within and about their communities.

Our aim

We aim to:

  • undertake Indigenous nurse/led research projects that focus on Indigenous Health and Wellbeing
  • establish a team under ‘Indigenous Research Theme’
  • identify potential research projects
  • identify, develop and implement Indigenous nurse/led research projects
  • identify ‘targeted research’ funding opportunities.

Our researchers

Areas of inquiry

First Nations health, Indigenous nurse history, Indigenous workforce development.

Core research programs

  • Indigenous Health and Wellbeing
  • Suicide and Mental Health
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Indigenous Health Workforce
  • Cultural Safety