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About the School of Education

The School of Education provides multiple opportunities for our graduate teachers to become highly skilled, well-equipped, industry ready teachers who can teach effectively in diverse educational contexts, including in regional, rural and remote settings. Our suite of newly developed Secondary majors provide many options for potential Secondary students and all of our Initial Teacher Education programs (both under-graduate and post-graduate) are fully accredited with the Queensland College of Teachers and align with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. In addition, our Early Childhood Programs are accredited with the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). Our academic and professional staff members are highly experienced at delivering pre-service teacher education across early childhood, primary and secondary schooling sectors. We provide opportunities for students to complete their professional experience placements throughout Queensland, around Australia and overseas. Professional experience placements have been streamlined and with enrolment pattern support students can complete their program within 4 years.

Our under-graduate and post-graduate programs are informed by the latest research including from that of our own team of quality researchers in fields such as linguistics; guidance and counselling; multicultural education; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives; special and inclusive education; educational leadership; adult learning; professional studies; organisational skills; sports, health and physical education; child protection; well-being; and social justice and diversity. Our post-graduate students develop advanced skills and understanding in one or more of these key specialist areas and our researchers continue to make exciting new discoveries in many of these fields.

As an engaged and dedicated team of educators, we are committed to equipping and empowering individuals and groups to engage in life-long, life-wide learning and model the latest teaching approaches and innovative communication technologies to ensure maximum support for students in face-to-face, online and blended learning modes. Our academics publish cutting-edge research and conduct thriving partnerships with multiple educational providers, industry partners, and national and international colleagues.