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Transport and parking


Transport and Parking

There are a range of transport and parking options to assist you arriving to or travelling between campuses. All the information is listed below.

UniSQ shuttle bus services

UniSQ runs an inter-campus shuttle bus service, available to all staff and students free of charge. The shuttle bus service operates between the three main campuses Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich, as per the timetable.

Public transport

TransLink connects the University with the community, offering services to and from each of our three main campuses Toowoomba, Springfield  and Ipswich. Timetable information is available from TransLink.

Student concessions are available. How do i apply for tertiary transport concessions?

Parking on campus

Parking arrangements for each of the three main campuses consist of general (free), time-restricted (2 hours) and reserved (permit) parking. Find out more about where the designated areas are on the Toowoomba campus, Springfield campus and Ipswich campus.

Terms and Conditions

Parking on campus must be in accordance with signage located at the entrance of each car park. Terms and conditions applying to car parking.

Springfield Permits

Due to the geographic position of Springfield campus located in the middle of the Education City precinct, parking bays are well utilised. To assist, free parking permits are available for staff and students. The permits allow monitoring and regulation of non-university usage.

Springfield permits for students are available from iConnect, B Block Atrium Monday to Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm, and staff from the security office, D112 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Disabled parking

The University applies the Australian Disability Parking Permit (ADPP) as described in the Queensland Government Parking Permits website with parking concessions to all campuses to remain in line with local government practices.

Disability parking bays are signposted and have the symbol painted on the bay surface. 

A Disability parking permit, issued by the Queensland Department of Transport or similar Permit issued by an equivalent authority in another state, or a temporary disability parking Permit must be displayed on a vehicle parked within a disability Parking Bay.

Temporary disability parking permits may be issued for use in any disability Parking Bay, for the duration of a disability, recovery from injury, or the period visiting campus, whichever is the shorter. Permits may be obtained in the following manner:-

a. Staff who have obtained a medical certificate stating that they have a temporary disability may apply to the People Portfolio (Rehabilitation) for a temporary parking Permit.

  b. Students who have obtained a medical certificate stating that they have a temporary disability may apply to Student Success and Wellbeing for a temporary parking Permit.

Speed Limits

A speed limit of 40kph applies to roads within the University precinct, and 5kph in parking areas.

Bicycle and e-scooter travel

The University offers staff and students as secure End of Trip facilities to store bicycles whilst attending the campuses. The facilities contain toilet, shower and locker facilities. These facilities can be found at Toowoomba U4 Block (east end of Y Block) and U3 Block (southern side of D Block) and Springfield (adjacent to ground floor entrance of Building B) campuses.

Access for approved users into these facilities is by swipe card. To gain approval attend our security office and one of our friendly Campus Safety and Security team, will provide you with an application form. Upon completion, access will be applied to your University ID card.

E-vehicle charging

A limited number of electric vehicle charging bays are available on Toowoomba, car park 10, Springfield, car park 2 and Ipswich, car park 2.

Parking Infringements

Parking enforcement is managed by Campus Safety and Security.A parking infringement notice may be issued by authorised members of Campus Safety and Security, in accordance with the University of Southern Queensland Act 1998. A parking infringement notice may be issued for breaches against Schedule 1 of the University of Southern Queensland Act 1998.

The parking infringement notice will detail the prescribed offence and penalties for any breach.

Any payments relating to the parking infringement notice are to be made as per the instructions of the notice issued.

Any individual who receives a Parking Infringement notice and believes it has been issued in error, may appeal the issue of that notice within 14 days from dated of issue on the Notice of Contravention, by completing the Parking Appeal form and sending to for review.

Information to be included in the appeal:

  a. Parking Infringement notice number

  b. Vehicle registration number

  c. Basis for appeal

Should the appeal be successful, the parking infringement will be waived, with no further action being taken by the University.

However, should the appeal be unsuccessful, the driver is required to comply with the possible responses to the notice.

  a. If you wish to have the alleged offence dealt with by court, you may, by notice given to the administering authority within the time specified in the reminder notice, require the offence to be dealt with by a court;

  b. If you do not wish to have the alleged offence dealt with by a court, the person may within the time specified in the reminder notice, pay the amount specified in the reminder notice to be the amount owing for the alleged offence to the administering authority; and

  c. If action is not taken under (a) or (b), payment of the amount specified in the reminder notice remains unpaid for further 14 days after the due date, then the University of Southern Queensland will forward your outstanding fees to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER).