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Vice-Chancellor's Executive

Our Vice-Chancellor’s Executive is a key advisory committee to the Vice-Chancellor on all matters relating to the management of the University and on the setting of strategic directions and the development of policy.


The Vice-Chancellor’s Executive provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor on the following matters:

  • the management of the University
  • the relevance, implementation and modification of existing policies and strategies, and on the development of new ones considered desirable
  • the development and review of strategic and operational planning through the review of plans, and negotiation of planning outcomes
  • institutional performance in all areas of its operation
  • the development of the University’s budget methodology and budget allocation
  • the academic and infrastructure planning and development of the University
  • the assurance of regulatory compliance and ethical accountability for the institution
  • reports containing recommendations and advice from its standing committees
  • the continued development of University-wide communication and cooperation
  • other strategic matters referred to the Committee by members.

Further information is available on the roles and functions of the Vice-Chancellor's Executive.


The membership of the Vice-Chancellor's Executive includes:

Management Committees

There are a number of management committees established to assist with portfolio responsibilities:

  • Load Strategy Committee
  • University Safety Committee
  • Facilities Strategy Board
  • Data, Information & Technology Strategy and Governance Committee
  • Markets and Partners Strategy and Management Committee

Meeting dates

The Vice-Chancellor's Executive meets every two weeks at specific dates and times as outlined in the University Meeting Schedule.

Terms of Reference