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IT studies ignite new goals
Person smiling and sitting on a bench in a campus setting.

A working holiday in 2012 sparked Yu-Chi’s dream of studying in Australia to enjoy the comfortable balance between work and life. 

After her working holiday, Yu-Chi researched masters programs and began her studies at UniSQ Toowoomba. She chose Toowoomba as it was one of her working holiday destinations and is a large enough city with everything available, still close to many of Australia’s major metropolitan areas. 

'I have enjoyed the relaxed pace of Toowoomba and my master’s program has been eye opening. Studying a masters in Taiwan would simply place me on the professor’s assistant path. Here at UniSQ, my independent ideas are encouraged and the professors guide me along my chosen study path. Australia offers a very different approach to education. I enjoy the breadth of educational materials available online, and I value the full communication between student and professor.'

Yu-Chi is an energetic, active person and has involved herself in Student Life activities and events, especially the daily sports, and hopes to pursue her IT career in Australia upon graduation.