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Big picture thinking for future improvement.
Mushfiqur is wearing a green shirt, standing in a park and smiling at the camera.

This big picture student is determined to learn as much as he can about Australia, its culture and its IT market to take back to Bangladesh to develop the new talent base and competency of his nation.

Mushfiqur is committed to the betterment of his country for its efficient development.

'Business developments are a passion of mine. With my previous studies and work history in the technology market and radio media, plus my current studies, I plan to return to Bangladesh to enable and encourage fellow workers to lift the productivity of our nation for improvements in our processes and daily living.'

He says an IT masters at UniSQ provides a comprehensive overview what actually takes place in IT in a developed nation, with the quality of the professors, the student completion rates and the rankings very good for a university that is just 50 years old.

Mushfiqur has demonstrated entrepreneurial abilities since the age of 16. He has gained work in Brisbane whilst studying and shares his travel and study experiences on YouTube.