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Meet Dr Susan Carter

UniSQ lecturer spotlight - a born leader
Profile picture of Dr Susan Carter, UniSQ Education lecturer, in front of pillars and a stairwell.

Meet UniSQ’s Dr Susan Carter, Senior Lecturer in Education with 20 years experience in the education industry both as a teacher and leader in rural and urban schools.

Dr Carter exudes passion for what she does and integrates her extensive experience into everything she teaches. We think she’s a born leader.

Currently Dr Carter works with students who are new to teaching through UniSQ’s Master of Learning and Teaching degrees. She also teaches subjects within the Master of Education particularly ones focused on areas of wellbeing and special education.

Her background? Where to start! Dr Carter's been a primary school teacher in Chinchilla and Toowoomba, she’s worked as a Principal of small and large rural schools, a Deputy Principal, Acting Associate Head, a Principal of a P-10 school, and an educational leader. It's clear that a teaching degree provides such a variety of career opportunities.

If that isn’t impressive enough, Dr Carter's also done two master’s degrees – a Master of Education specialising in Special Needs and a Master of Education specialising in Theology. On top of this she has a PhD in how school principals maintain their wellbeing.

Dr Susan Carter's certainly someone we’re proud to have on our teaching team.

A worthwhile career choice

If you’re considering studying to become a teacher, you might need some reassurance that teaching is a rewarding and worthwhile career choice. Dr Carter says it’s more than that.

“Being a teacher is more than rewarding, it’s vital. It’s vital because children are our future. If we want our future to be bright, we need to look at how we create this,” she says.

“At UniSQ, we focus on teaching that is inclusive of everyone and maintains wellbeing. This way people can continue to learn lifelong.”

Educators have a particularly special way of working with people. There’s not many who can’t recall a certain teacher or mentor who had a big impact on their lives.

Dr Carter says, “Education can be challenging because you make a difference but might not get to see it immediately. I’ve had past year 7 students I taught many years ago come back to me and talk about some of the best learning moments they had with me as a teacher.”

The modern-day classroom

Perhaps the thought of a modern-day classroom can be a little overwhelming to some. Take some solace in knowing that every element of UniSQ’s Master of Learning and Teaching prepares you for today’s generation of learners.

“In every single subject we’ve ensured that there is a work-readiness component. For example, in the subject I am currently teaching, we are using real data from schools so that the teachers in training get an insight into the real data teachers would work with,” says Dr Carter.

You can also be sure that UniSQ’s Master of Learning and Teaching degrees will prepare you to be a professional within the industry.

“At UniSQ, we’ve created networks beyond the university’s professional associations. We actively encourage students to build their professional identity.”

Dr Carter says, “UniSQ’s lecturers are connected to community and community organisations which in turn creates positive word of mouth for our students. There are a variety of professional organisations we engage with and our research connections and projects continuously inform our degrees.”

Teaching the teachers

One of the most special things about our Education lecturers is that they are teaching people to be teachers. Dr Carter says it’s about sharing knowledge but also learning from students – it’s a two-way relationship.

“It’s important to me that we make the world a better place. Teaching education students is a journey where, instead of telling someone something, we are together trying to make the change in the world we want to see.”

Dr Carter said just recently one of her students shared with her a new software program which allows teachers to use a learning wall that invites inclusivity. It’s an effectual way of engaging people across the whole sphere of learners.

“I’m passionate about ensuring teachers are inclusive and teach to diverse learners. I’ve now embedded this software into subjects for my first years and am utilising it into the research I am doing.”

If you’re looking for a career change that will have a vital impact on our next generation, check out UniSQ's Master of Learning and Teaching (Early Years), Master of Learning and Teaching (Primary), or Master of Learning and Teaching (Secondary).

UniSQ also offers a Master of Education designed for those looking to further their existing teaching career.

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