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Paramedic simulation house and ambulance

Driving paramedicine education forward.
Paramedics attending to an injured person near a bus stop.

UniSQ Ipswich’s Paramedic Simulation House enables paramedic students to develop and practice their core skills through simulation and simulation-based assessment (SBA) within a safe and supportive environment. The House features four rooms including a lounge room, a bedroom and a fully-functional kitchen and bathroom. Simulated ambulance and emergency training labs are also available at UniSQ Ipswich.

A way of preparing students for the pre-hospital work environment, simulated education involves creating accident scenes and providing opportunities for intervention. This allows students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have gained in an uncontrolled and real-world scenario.

UniSQ has introduced a mobile simulation ambulance which will be used by paramedicine students for simulation training. It is equipped with everything you would find in an operational ambulance, including a power lift stretcher, extrication board, cardiac monitor and response kits.

Discipline Team Leader of Paramedicine John Latham said this mobile simulation vehicle adds another layer to the quality learning experience at the University.

'It is a valuable way to give our paramedicine students a more authentic experience of what they will encounter in a real-life emergency or critical situation.' Mr Latham said.

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