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Building a healthier world
Naga is working in a laboratory/research work space.

Naga Ghattamaneni has spent the past 5 years developing as a scientist at UniSQ. Graduating from his PhD in 2018, Naga studied a hybrid of different scientific disciplines, allowing him to pursue his interests without boundaries. He describes his research area as pharmacology, which is the study of drugs and action of drugs on the body, except focusing more on naturally derived compounds. 

‘When I received my PhD, it was the proudest moment of my life. A few seconds on stage reflected the significance of the whole journey.’

Now a researcher at the university, Naga has worked on many exciting projects. Most notably, he is a part of the UniSQ Functional Foods Research group investigating the potential for functional foods to reverse human obesity and chronic inflammatory diseases affecting the heart, liver, kidney and joints.

‘I want to contribute to human health globally. It’s exciting that what you can do in a laboratory can have an impact on millions of people in the long term.’