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From a university pathway to a PhD.
Meg is standing on the beach, smiling at the camera.

From working with children in AIDS orphanages in Africa, to homeless children in New York City, Meg Forbes knows a little bit about taking the road less travelled.

After moving to Australia and seeing many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders continue to struggle against hardships, Meg knew she needed to forge a new path. She enrolled in the UniSQ’s Tertiary Preparatory Program, something she said was a way to make a difference.

'I thought psychology was a great pathway to do something practical as a result of all that I had seen and experienced. But although I had all this life experience, I didn’t have a high school certificate that would allow me to enter university.' Meg said.

After finishing her degree, Meg was able to further her work with people from diverse cultures, with the aim of being an ally to the people who inspired her to pursue studies – submitting her PhD in November 2020.

'I can honestly say that studying with UniSQ has been one of the best experiences of my life and provided me with so much more than just an education,' Meg said.

'It’s been the journey of a lifetime – and one that has made all the difference.'