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Laying the foundation for an exciting future
A smiling person in a green shirt with a robotic arm in the background.

Growing up on a cattle farm in the North Burnett, there was never a shortage of things to keep a young Max Corfield occupied.

Be it fencing, cattle work, ploughing the field or mustering with his father – every day posed a new challenge and taught him the importance of reaping what you sow. 

Moving almost 300km from his hometown at 14 to become a boarding student, Max quickly hit his stride and found a friend in STEM. With a love of science and math, Max wanted to learn more about how the concepts could be applied in the real world.

'I was sitting in one of my career classes and we started discussing engineering and how it was essentially a passport to a world of different industries.' 

After realising engineering was the perfect combination of what he loved, Max enrolled to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering) at UniSQ.

With the opportunity to explore all areas of the engineering field in your first year, you can take charge of your own future by aligning your interests with your career goals.

Max's first year of study at UniSQ has seen him go from strength to strength, already laying the foundation for an exciting future.

'This year has given me a great taste of everything that’s out there – we’ve been investigating all of the basic engineering principles along with the skills of design and systems improvement.'

Max's learning adventures started on the farm, but won't stop there. He is determined to make a real difference whether its with manufacturing, design of machinery, agricultural innovation or construction management.

Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering
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