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Becoming an award-winning film maker
unisq graduate holding a camera
Driven by a passion for storytelling, Matt Jeston spent his youth creating stop-go animation films using his friends and family as actors. Today he is a Channel Nine News Editor and an award-winning film maker.

UniSQ’s Bachelor of Applied Media and Creative Arts courses provided Matt with the knowledge and experience to facilitate the journey to achieving his childhood dreams of directing a feature film.

“Sold right away!”

Having initially chosen to study a Bachelor of Applied Media at UniSQ, Matt believed completing a second degree in Creative Arts would help further his opportunities within the media world. Supported by UniSQ’s industry-centric staff, Matt found the team to be very accommodating.

“UniSQ’s Creative Arts degree allowed me the freedom to select specific classes based on the career I was aiming for.”

A proud UniSQ alumni, Matt said there were so many great classes, it was hard to pick a favourite. He found his time here to be practical, engaging, and rewarding, particularly enjoying the industry experience offered throughout the hands-on courses.

“Studying at UniSQ was great because I gained a lot of onset experience over my years which was the best way to learn - by actually doing it.”

Other highlights for Matt include being gifted the creative freedom to produce, shoot, and edit his own mini feature film which had a run time of 45 minutes.

His advice to others: "If you want to do it, then do it!"

With two degrees now under his belt Matt is an advocate for tertiary education believing “it’s a great way to get practical hands-on experience doing what you love, exploring the various pathway opportunities, and discovering your own area of creative arts passion.” All of which helped propel Matt to success and leading him to become an expert in his field.

Matt encourages others wanting to pursue a career in the industry to “take your time exploring and developing your skill set to work out what you truly want to do” within the industry.

Graduating from UniSQ in 2017, Matt continues to harness his childhood passion and curiosity for storytelling and now works within the creative arts and media industry. Currently a News Editor for Chanel 9, Matt still enjoys creating short film productions in his spare time and has picked up various accolades and festival selections along the way.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Matt - keep an eye on the credits screen.