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From film student to business owner
University film student looking through camera
“7-year-old me didn’t think that it was possible to study something that I only ever dreamt of doing.”

Destined for a life in the media and film industry, from a young age Kayley Atkinson was often found with a video camera in hand or her eyes locked on a movie screen.

Imagine the excitement 10 years later when Kayley discovered she was able to study Creative Arts at UniSQ whilst majoring in film.

“I chose this degree, because It was the perfect fit for me.”

Not only was the course right, but the state-of-the-art facilities also caught Kayley’s attention, making her decision to study at UniSQ an easy one.

“I remember UniSQ capturing my eye for its television and radio studio. From there, I was sold on this being the place I studied.”

Choosing to study her degree full time, Ms Atkinson graduated in 2019, three years after starting her studies.

After graduating, the global pandemic hit, and Kayley found herself having to navigate a new landscape within the media and film industry. Despite the challenges, she still worked within the industry and slowly began to build her career, collaborating with the likes of Channel 10 and other independent film production companies.

After years of hard work, she is now the proud owner of her own filmmaking business, Profound Visions.

Kayley credits her strength during this time to her lecturers and time spent studying at UniSQ. UniSQ provided her with the tools and knowledge to adapt to life outside university post-graduation.

“It took years of applying the tools that I learnt at university to now say that I run my own filmmaking business"

"I am thankful for the knowledge I gained from my lecturers, as they provided me with an understanding on the industry and tools, and how I can apply myself within it.”

Kayley not only thrived in the studios and classroom during her Creative Arts course but also loved the opportunities it allowed for to network and make friends.

“I loved the people and students I met whilst studying, as they were my first network within the film industry. I’ve met some lifelong friends throughout my degree and some I continue to work with today on film projects.”

A keen advocate for others to have fun and enjoy university life, Kayley offers some advice for future students.

“Be open to opportunities, as plenty are offered throughout the course and don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone as I believe that’s where we most succeed as artists, when we’re not worried and just enjoying our craft.”