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Scholarships power Lewis' nursing dream
'The impact you can have on a student’s life is remarkable. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to believe in them.'
Lewis Brown, Bachelor of Nursing student and dual scholarship recipient

Growing up in Miles, Lewis Brown has an affinity with rural Queensland he’s come to realise he cannot shake.

Focusing his senior years of high school on ambitions to study business and legal studies, he came to realise that life in a suit and tie wasn’t for him and in 2021 changed career tracks to healthcare.

“This year, I turn 19 and am excited to be in my second year of a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Southern Queensland,” Lewis said.

“My dream is to become a rural nurse and that dream will be realised thanks to the support I’ve had from scholarship opportunities from the University.”

Funded by the University’s Scholarship Endowment Fund, the one-off scholarship is open to applicants across any discipline commencing their studies in a bachelor’s degree.

“To be named as a scholarship recipient meant so much to me,” Lewis said.

“It meant that I could pursue my career goals and not stress about the financial burden that comes with attending long placements, paying for textbooks and other study equipment,” he said.

“The scholarship allowed for me to be able to take time away from work to attend my first nursing placement and give my full attention to learning as much as I possibly could. My life at home and while away from work was much more manageable thanks to the support of this special first-year scholarship, and I was also able to buy textbooks to support my studies.”

Lewis also received a rural and remote scholarship. In recognition of the challenges faced by rural and remote students in their first year at university, established by a local family, the annual scholarship provides support over two semesters.

“I had the opportunity to meet my donors and explain my future career goals in rural nursing. Their financial support, as well as knowing that there are people who believe in me as a young nurse, has had a significant impact on my studies and my practice as a student nurse,” he said.

“Donors make an incredible impact on the lives of students. On the surface, students may be able to afford their textbooks or study materials; however, it’s much more than this.

“Financial support to a student means less hours they have to spend at work or stressing about money. This leaves so much more time and energy to be spent on their studies and enjoy the student experience.”

UniSQ offers many scholarships and you can apply for more than one. Scholarships are open at different times of the year, check the scholarships page regularly to find one you are eligible for.