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A young singer's accelerated path to success
Leah is singing into a microphone.

Identified as musically gifted in primary school, Leah is currently completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Music) at UniSQ, having been accepted into the program at the age of only 15. An accelerated student, she skipped Year 6 and headed straight to university study after Year 10, upon completion of a Head Start course and a rigorous interview and audition process. 

Leah’s first public performance was at the age of four when she sang the national anthem on Australia Day on the front steps of her house, drawing in an audience of neighbours. By the age of 12, Leah was singing on some of the finest stages in Queensland and New South Wales, singing in two concerts in a tour by world-renowned soprano Mirusia who also produced Leah’s debut CD, Dream Catcher.

At 15 years old while she began studies at UniSQ, Leah was a member of a tribute band and was also engaged in solo performances. She was named Redland City’s Young Citizen of the Year in 2017 for her musical achievements and contributions. 

An emerging artist, Leah now has an early start to a professional, successful and passion-driven singing career, and has goals to continue learning more about her art and performing overseas.

'With careful management I am able to balance and interweave my work as a singer with my studies in music.

'I also am finding along the way that this relationship is immensely productive, with my growing real-world experience sharpening my study skills and performance and vice versa.

'Combining study with work is also helping me discover my unique sound and niche.'

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