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I learned that my opinion counts.
Jess is standing outside, smiling at the camera.

Earning her stripes in IT had been a goal for Jess Schiller since leaving school. But like many schoolies, attending University seemed to be an incredibly daunting challenge. Thankfully, with the help of UniSQ’s student support, she took the leap and never looked back. 

'With smaller classes and personal mentoring, I didn’t feel like I was an anonymous student. Instead I learned that my opinion counts. And as my knowledge and expertise grew, so did my level of confidence.'
Today Jess is proudly making progress in her career in applied computer science, working in the industry related to her studies for the past year and a half. 

'The industry is moving so quickly and new opportunities open up daily. That’s why I’m glad to have studied at a uni that puts the success of its students at the forefront.'

'I learned everything I needed to know to graduate with my Bachelor of Information Technology, but equally important, I have learned so much more about myself.'