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Ioanna's transition to life in Australia and UniSQ
Ioanna is sitting at an outdoor bench with her text books, smiling past the camera.

Attending university had always been a dream of Ioanna’s and growing up on a small island in the South Pacific did not deter her from attending university and having a fulfilling career.

When a teacher suggested she apply for university scholarships Ioanna worked hard to secure an AusAID Australian Award scholarship. With a goal of studying Business and Commerce, Ioanna set her sights on UniSQ.

'One of the reasons I chose to study with UniSQ is that it’s located in Queensland with a warm climate that would be similar to my home in the islands. Then we found out that UniSQ has great teaching and support services so we decided that it would be a great university for me.'

While excited to begin a new adventure in Australia, Ioanna had fears about studying abroad and away from her family.

'I just focused on studying and learning as much as I could and suddenly everything fell into place. I started to like living here and then I started to love studying on campus in this new country.'