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A degree as good as a glass of wine
Geoff is standing outside with a glass of red wine, smiling at the camera.

After completing two graduate certificates and an associate diploma, Geoff commenced and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Wine Science) at UniSQ, with the aim to build upon his science knowledge and gain study flexibility to continue working full-time. 

Prior to his UniSQ studies, Geoff worked in biosecurity with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. He completed a wine vintage as part of his UniSQ degree, and another four since graduating, applying the technical and practical skills he gained in vineyards and wineries across Australia. 

Now based in Toowoomba, Geoff works to promote the responsible use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals in agriculture in Queensland geographic areas such as the Balonne, the Granite Belt and the Darling Downs.  

Geoff hopes to continue his work as a travelling winemaker in Australia and overseas, and to begin postgraduate research study in this area.

'I can achieve most things when I put my energy, will and attention to it. I can achieve much greater things when I work with an amazing team of supportive people.'