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Exploring an unexpected career path
Ester is sitting at a desk with several stacks of books, writing in a notepad.

During their first year of university, Esther Anderson stumbled across Anthropology and instantly fell in love. After completing their undergraduate degree and honours, they went on to study their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) to immerse themself in the compelling research landscape. 

‘Something I adore about anthropology is being able to observe and portray people in a nuanced, tender and empathetic way. I am able to cultivate meaningful and purposeful narratives that highlight social issues affecting certain people.’

‘I didn’t know from the outset that I wanted to become an anthropologist or researcher. A PhD has helped direct me towards a pathway that I didn’t even know existed or was possible. Luckily it turned out to be what I think is the right one.’

Esther has since spoken at several anthropology conferences overseas and in Australia, presenting the research they completed during their PhD at UniSQ.

‘I’m a lot better at networking than I ever thought I was. The connections I’ve made with other people in the discipline have transformed, not just into potential collaborations, but into incredible friendships.’