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Industry placement invaluable for journalism student
Emma is standing in a news room with a notepad, smiling at the camera.

Emma Rae originally enrolled in a completely different degree before changing her mind the day before her first class. It was only at the halfway point of her first year where she found what she really wanted to pursue. 

‘I did a course in journalism and absolutely loved it and ever since then it has been something I really wanted to do.’ 

Practical placements allowed her to gain hands-on experience in the industry and only furthered her passion.  Emma was fortunate enough to receive a placement with Channel 7 where she learned to adapt to the fast-pace journalistic environment. 

‘I’ve loved every day of my placement at Channel 7. Every morning we find the stories, arrange interviews, head out of the office, meet people and come back and write. I really enjoy it and I love writing. It’s definitely been a challenge but great practice in a safe environment.’  

'I’ve had one story go to air, I sat in front of the TV that night with my family and was like ‘this is my story!’

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