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Travelling for study inspires artist
Emma, standing on the side walk of a busy street corner, smiling while taking a selfie.
A study experience to Japan gave Bachelor of Creative Arts student Emma new insights and materials on which to base her artistic pursuits.

Emma’s experience describes a canvas of Japan’s ultra-modern offerings mixed with the quiet tranquillity of its beautiful natural environment.

'This was my first trip overseas and I was not sure what to expect. I found the key to maximum enjoyment was having no expectations, and rather just enjoying each moment as it came.'

Emma experienced a mix of modern and traditional, experiencing Japanese architecture, ceramics and forests.

'I found Tokyo bursting with colour as its buildings are smothered in ads. The hustle and bustle was overwhelming at first and definitely gave me a better understanding of what a big city is like.'

Emma says adapting to your surroundings is the key to maximising your experiences.

'I also enjoyed the most tranquil nature walks. This was such a stark comparison to the pace of the cities. Both locations offered a different style of beauty.'

Emma found Japanese people to be very reserved, but always respectful, friendly and polite.

'I tried as many Japanese foods as possible, but by the end of the trip I found myself missing Australian milk and steak. I had my first bowl of Ramen in Osaka and it was amazing!'

'My trip to Japan remains a highlight of my life. As a painting student I have gained a new perspective and feel refreshed with inspiration and new material to work with. I am extremely grateful to UniSQ for the opportunity to take part in this trip.'