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Paving a way forward
Elijah is standing outside, arms folded and smiling at the camera.

Originally from South Sudan, Elijah Aleer spent 12 years in a refugee camp in Kenya before moving to Australia. Despite the adversities he has faced, he has worked hard to achieve his academic potential, motivated by the desire to build a better life for his family.

‘For me, education is a way forward. I have a love of learning and in the future I would like to study my PhD in economics. I hope to make my children proud of what I’ve achieved.’

Elijah completed his bachelor degree at UniSQ and has continued on to study a Master of Business Research. Today, he is successfully balancing full-time work and raising a family of four all while completing his postgraduate studies. 

‘I have a love of knowledge. When I see people well educated I aspire to be like them. In the future I want to better myself and help the community. I consider myself very lucky to be in Australia. ’ 

‘In 10 years’ time, I would like to have PhD in economics. That’s what I feel most passionate about.’