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A sweet melody of academic, professional and personal success
Bonnie playing a piano.

Music has always been a part of who Bonnie is. She graduated from UniSQ with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) in Music and is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy in piano pedagogy, specifically focusing on creative music-making and learning.

Pursuing tertiary studies in music at UniSQ has opened doors for Bonnie to work as a performer, piano teacher, accompanist and musical director. Through studying, Bonnie has also discovered her talent and passion for improvising, composing and arranging, recording her own music and helping other artists record their albums. With initial plans to study Journalism, Bonnie found her way back to music after living in Denmark as an exchange student, where her love for music was rekindled through exposure to genres such as funk, pop and jazz.

Overcoming personal challenges of self-confidence, breaking away from false humility and recognising that she is good at what she enjoys, Bonnie runs to pursue her passion as a career, continue learning and desires to share her talent and knowledge with others.

'My biggest motivator is confidence in myself, in my talent and in my skill, and acknowledging that this is not prideful or egotistical. Positive self-regard is really important for anyone who wants to make a mark in the industry.'