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Early entry university

A guide to expectations and preparation
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Making the decision to study at university is a big step; one that requires lots of consideration, research, and self-reflection. However, once you’ve made your choice, it’s likely you’ll be keen to get your study underway! If you are a Year 12 student, you may think that your ATAR is the final piece to the puzzle before you can apply and begin your university experience. But did you know it's possible to secure your spot at an early entry university such as UniSQ, or even begin your studies at UniSQ, earlier? Read on to learn the ins and outs of early entry to university, what to expect, and how to prepare for your early admission journey. 

UniSQ Early Entry

The wait to find out your ATAR can often be overwhelming as your rank can very much determine the next step in your study journey. But rest assured, there is a way you can avoid the wait! UniSQ Early Entry allows eligible Year 12 students to receive an offer to study with us before they receive an ATAR – even before final exams take place! By securing a spot in your dream degree early, you can gain some certainty of your future, prepare for university life, and focus on your Year 12 experience. 

You can receive early entry to university in one of two ways: via recommendation from a Principal or Principal's delegate, or through successful completion of a UniSQ Head Start course. It’s important to note that you’ll also need to meet other specific criteria if you are interested in applying for and receiving early entry. To be eligible, you must: 

  • be a current Year 12 student
  • place UniSQ as your first preference on your QTAC application 
  • have proven academic achievement and study skills.
  • meet the subject prerequisites for your Early Entry program when final Year 12 results are released. You'll also need to need to be able to show via your report card that you are ‘on track’ to meet the appropriate subject prerequisites.

Depending on what degree you are interested in, you may also need to meet additional requirements to be eligible such as extra documentation, an interview, or audition. So, make sure to check the admission criteria before you apply to ensure you have all the relevant details. 

UniSQ’s Early Entry is a great way to begin your university journey, allowing you to take some of the pressure off yourself and get ahead with planning your future. If gaining early admission to university sounds like a good option for you, the next best step is to arm yourself with information. Discover more about UniSQ Early Entry and access some very useful FAQ’s via our website, or get in touch with us to talk through your options.   

UniSQ Head Start 

Receiving an early offer is one thing, but if you’ve ever wondered if it's possible to begin your university studies while still in high school, the answer is a resounding yes! If you are a high achieving Year 10, 11 or 12 student and the idea of beginning university early appeals to you, our Head Start program is the perfect option. This academic extension program lets you get a taste of what university study is like by allowing you study one university subject a semester while still at high school. You’ll gain credits for the courses you pass, meaning you can put these towards your degree later down the track. You’ll also receive an early offer and gain entry into a related UniSQ degree once you successfully complete a course (so long as you meet the degree requirements).

Having early access to study means that you have extra time to discover your interests and find the right degree for you. You’ll also be better prepared for university life after experiencing on-campus and online education, developing study skills, and exploring your degree options – all before you graduate Year 12.

If Head Start seems like your best next move, you’ll need to ensure you meet some important entry requirements. To be eligible to apply, you must: 

  • be studying in Year 10 (from semester 2), 11 or 12 
  • achieve a minimum B average (70% or higher) 
  • have a minimum of 3 high school student subjects on a relevant Education report card 
  • have permission from your parent/guardian and school or education 
  • make sure you familiarise yourself with the entry requirements and application process.  

Interested in learning more about Head Start or any other UniSQ pathway programs? For detailed information about the Head Start program including guidelines, entry requirements, and the application process, view the Head Start information on our website or chat with someone from our friendly team. Or if you're ready to apply, you can complete a Head Start application online.  

Benefits to early entry

So you’re ahead of the game and you’ve begun your university journey early. What now?  There are lots of benefits in gaining early admission into university. Here are some tips and advice to help you make the most of this opportunity.  

Apply for scholarships: Take advantage of any scholarship opportunities for early entry students. Scholarships are a great way to enable you to reach your full potential by easing the cost of study. UniSQ offers a range of scholarships for those who have achieved academic excellence, are leaders in their communities, or need financial support, so make sure you explore and apply for the ones that suit your goals. Scholarships can make a big difference! 

Be prepared: Use the extra time wisely. University early entry means that you can spend time refining your academic skills and developing the tools you need to study and succeed at a university level. You can also take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with uni terminology or take a deeper dive into exploring what university life has to offer (including clubs, sporting teams, leadership programs and events to name a few!). Making the decision to study at university is a big step, so just using the time to mentally prepare for this transition can also give you a great advantage and get you on the right track for success.  

Build your support system: Early admission to university provides a great opportunity to reach out and connect with others. Make the most of this time by networking with fellow early entry students – you may find some great study buddies or form some strong friendships that can help provide some valuable support throughout your study journey.   

Stay informed: Keep an eye on your emails and the UniSQ website for any updates on events, enrolment, and key dates. Staying organised will help your transition to university life go as smoothly as possible and eliminate a lot of the guesswork. 

Eliminate stress: Gaining early admission to university can take away a lot of the pressure in your final year of high school. Not having to think about whether you have a place in your dream degree can make a huge difference in your overall wellbeing, allowing you to focus on your remaining studies – and enjoying Year 12!

So, there you have it – your ultimate guide to early entry to the University of Southern Queensland. Early entry can be a game-changer in your academic journey, offering a smooth transition to university study, as well as access to a range of exciting opportunities. If you're curious to learn more about the early entry process or experience, why not explore our UniSQ stories and read about the experiences of some of our students. Otherwise, if you have any questions about early entry, don’t forget to get in touch with us. Our iconnect team will help you find the answer. Access support from anywhere – our team is available via chat, email, phone or face-to-face.

Take the opportunity to get ahead and embrace the adventure that awaits you with academic study. Remember, we’re here to support you throughout your study - we look forward to journeying with you! 


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