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Inspired to help his community.
Two individuals practicing cpr on a training mannequin.

During Callum’s first semester of Paramedicine at the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), he knew straight away that this degree was for him. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor and told he will never be able to study Paramedicine, Callum became even more determined to pursue a career as a health professional.

'I’ve always known I wanted to become a paramedic and after spending so much time as a patient, I knew I wanted it even more,' says Callum.

'To still have the opportunity to come to university and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to support people through some of their worst moments is a real privilege.'

From Callum’s first year and throughout the rest of his Paramedicine degree, he will complete clinical placements with the Queensland Ambulance Service to get hands on experience. Callum’s first placement is in December and he couldn’t be more excited.

'One of the reasons I chose UniSQ was because you get to do four clinical placements at different stations. This means more opportunities for learning from different mentors through a range of experiences.
'Placement can play a big role in job opportunities at the end of the degree. It not only allows you to put your skills into practice in a real clinical setting, but to also make connections within the ambulance service.

'UniSQ has helped give me more purpose and I feel lucky to have been offered a spot in the Paramedicine degree.'
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