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Multidisciplinary research team focused on employment and employability.
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Australian Collaboratory for Career Employability & Learning for Living (ACCELL) is a multidisciplinary research team focused on career management, and education and training for employment and employability.

It is based in the University of Southern Queensland’s Institute for Resilient Regions.

ACCELL research programs include:

  • Vital Infrastructure Work/ers in Rural Contexts (VIWRC) is focused on the psychological and social qualities of occupations and workers vital to the socio-economic success of rural and regional communities. Examples of these vital occupations include teachers, health practitioners, veterinary practitioners, farmers, and mechanical trade workers.
  • Promoting Employability, Adaptability, and Resilience in Life (PEARL) is focused on enhancing individuals’ employability and adaptive choices for their future career and work.

ACCELL is focused on research and research training and is proud of its Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master degree. ACCELL supports research degree students who have come from various disciplines (e.g., psychology, education, human resources, IT, engineering) and professional backgrounds (e.g., teacher, psychologist, manager, counsellor, engineer, trainer).

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Contact: Professor Peter McIlveen +61 746312375 or

Institute for Resilient Regions
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